Latest Inksnation News : Top 15 things You Should Know

Looking inksnation news or information that will help you make decision on this platform? Join me, let’s take a ride on inksnation world. In this article, I will be sharing Top 15 things people like you are searching for regarding inksnation.

What is the meaning of Inksnation?

Inksnation means  inks+nation. it’s inks for a nation. Inksnation is a blockchain as service brand based in Nigeria

What is inksnation

According to the official website, Inksnation is a blockchain-as-a-Service platform for Individuals, Companies, Commercial & Central banks. The big grammar here is blockchain. Let me simplify it. According to investopedia and euromoney, a blockchain is special way of recording information in blocks which are chained together, making it difficult to steal, cheat and destroy. It has power to multiply the information entered into it to be seen by every participant ledger(big book that house everybody data). So, inksnation claims to provide a platform that will help individual, companies, commercial banks and central banks have their own financial blockchain system. As you register with their plans, you are helping to them to build infrastructure in exchange for their coin called pinkoin.

About inksnation

According inksnation AML policy, their website www.inksnation.oi become operational on November, 12, 2018. iBSmartify is a registered entity in Nigeria with registration number 2956459 operating at  23 Yetunde Abu Street. It was registered in 2019-08-15 according to Nigeria CAC. Inksnation has a registered foundation known as INKSNATION DAO FOUNDATION. The DAO means Decentralized Autonomous Organisation. This mean inksnation operates a decentralized orgainization. The founder of inksnation is AMOS SEWANU OMOTADE-SPARKS and  the co-founder is UWA DORIS OMOTADE-SPARKS. Inksnation also has other management positions occupied as shown on their site.  It has addresses in Malta, UK, USA, Eygpt and Spain. They refer their members as inks. They call you inks sister or brother.

Is Inksnation legit or not?

This is a question you will answer for yourself. The explode in cryptocurrency world lead to the founding of inksnation by a smart young Nigerian.

From the international scene to local, government regulators frown at crypto, which you know. In Nigeria, it security and exchange commission warned citizens from investing on cryptocurrency.

On 26/06/2020, Nigeria SEC warned Citizens against inksnation. Click here to read SEC warning.

Technically, going through their application, it shows a child’s play. For example, it claims it has a white paper with a lot of technicalities, which you cannot download since 2018, they claims their website started. No roadmaps, no goals met and achievements to celebrate on their site. Why should I invest?

Inksnation white paper
Inksnation white paper

Inksnation has the following products you buy:

  • Membership Subscription ranging from N1000 to N1,000,000
  • Pinkoin
  • Donations

All these money goes to Mr Smart Omotade, the founder. No wonder, EFCC, the Nigeria crime and fraud agency has declared him wanted. Click here to see.

Inksnation may lack the power to become what it currently claim to be, a Blockchain-as-a-Service(BaaS) which the site fail to reflect. But, I must say it is a smart thinking and welcome development for Mr Smart to own a BaaS in Nigeria. That business requires infrastructure and resource, which I think inksnation currently lacks.

READ MORE REVIEW About Inksnation.

What is Inksnation IO all about?

Inksnation is all about becoming a member of their community, buying and selling their coin called pinkoin and registering others to be member. inksnation IO is  a platform that own pinkoin which you can own if you believe in them. Nigeria SEC arned citizens from investing in it.


Inksnation Pinkoin

inksnation pinkoin

Inksnation pinkoin is a cryptocurrency own by inknation. Pinkoin is the cryptocurrency for inksledger blockchain transactions. That means all transaction that will take place on their ledger will be done with pinkon. Pinkoin is hold by their members. Investigation shows inksnation admin controls the circulation, buying and selling of the coin instead of community.

Is Pinkoin real?

In my opinion, NO. Reasons for my position are many. But let me make it clear that am not demeaning his project. He does not need my opinion or anyone’s opinion to get his project work. But from what I have seen about his his project is tilted been a Ponzi or get rich quick scheme. As such I will not invest in it. Here are my reasons:

  • No white paper on inksnation project
  • It lacks cryptocurrency and blockchain standards
  • Blockchain community in Nigeria disowns him
  • It is not listed in any cryptocurrency listing site like coinmarketcap
  • The website depicts lack of expertise
  • He owns the selling and buying of the coin
  • His model is Ponzi scheme model

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inksnation sign up

Looking for inknation sign up or want to sign up inksnation? click here. 

Pinkoin inksnation

You can call it pinkoin inksnation or inksnation pinkoin, See more details here

Inksnation Pinkard

pinkard inksnation
inksnation pinkard

Inksnation pinkard is a membership card you buy from inksnation. According to inksnations, you will activate and verify this card to be duly registered member. With this card, you will be able to introduce other members and make money.

Inksnation login portal (FRAUD ALERT)

Inksnation Fraud alert
Inksnation Fraud alert

From investigation, at the writing of this article, inksnation does not have money to host its site.  Inksnation dashboard is currently hosted on FREE hosting site called 000webhost. This is reason people are looking for how to login to their dashboard. Login today, tomorrow, you will be looking for how to login to inksnation portal. Advise, if you have money on inksnation, withdraw your money now.

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Inksnation review

For more comprehensive review on inksnation, click here. registration

Looking for inknation sign up or want to sign up inksnation? click here. 

Inksnation Pinkard login

Want to login to pinkard dashboard, click here to login

Is InksNation registered with SEC?

No. SEC warned citizens to be wary of inksnation.