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How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything In Nigeria In Top 6 Ways

Make Money Online Without paying Anything
how to make money online without paying anything in Nigeria

Are you looking for  how to make money online without paying anything  in Nigeria as a beginner? As year of pandemic and lock-down finally locks and shut itself down, the hunger and shortages it brought about has not left us. As you know, covid 19 pandemic is ravaging the economy of the world, many people like you are looking for how to supplement their income.

Going online still remain a great avenue to make good income as many more people jumped online this year because of lockdown of the covid 19 pandemic. So, how to make money online without paying anything  in Nigeria as a beginner? I was in your shoe some years back. How did I solve my money worries? In this article, I will share with you how I made money online without paying anything in Nigeria and the new strategies that guarantees $1000/month. What can $1000 a month do for you?

Are you ready?

My internet journey got revamped after attending a seminar in Lagos and I was challenged in that seminar to come out with information product. We did an exercise in that seminar which I finalize when I reached home. That exercise birthed my first published book called “internet simplified”. I sold off 10,000 printed copies in 4.6 years.

The second thing that seminar did for me was launching of my pure water feasibility study info product, which went viral and I made over N1,000,000 in pure profit online without paying anything.

Let me quickly tell you that I didn’t make money the first week or first month I started. I am not saying you will not, but that is my personal experience honestly. But guess how much I paid to attend that seminar. Just N10,000 in 2008. But it paid me 1million plus.

You can Check out how I made one million plus in 36 months online without paying anything as beginner. It is real life experience. This made me to believe online money making.

So, how can someone even without any experience make money online without paying anything? Luckily for you, I have come out with six tested and guaranteed strategies that will help you make $1000 online without paying for anything in a month. Can I share with you?

6 Key Strategies On How To Make Money Online Without Paying  Anything In Nigeria

  1. Strategy One: How To Use Microsoft PowerPoint slides make money online: Amazing, right? If you have been using Microsoft PowerPoint, it never occurs to you that you can turn your slide to money making machines, right? If you have not use Microsoft PowerPoint, don’t worry, you don’t need to attend class before using it to make money. I will reveal every secret to you. Thank goodness, you are here. How can you do that? You must be asking me that in your mind. Sure, you will start doing that if you are willing to do it. In fact, let me spill the beans. There are 3 steps to use Microsoft PowerPoint or Google slide to make money. One- find what people are looking for, two- do a slide show for them, three- They take action and you get paid. You can get paid $10-500 on one slide presentation you did. Imaging doing a slide and you get paid $300. You just need 3.5 people to hit your $1000 goal. The problem is; how do you find what people are looking for? where do you do the presentation? And how do you get paid? Great questions indeed. Solution; you can do research on your own or you use the shortcut I prepared for you and implement.  I have the answers for you. Doing the research on your own takes a lot of your time. My research took me 200hrs to perfect this skill.  In fact, you may not be able to figure these out till ending of 2021. That is why I contacted you for this amazing opportunity. [ Show, evidence of money made here.]
  2. Strategy Two: Make Money By Asking And Answering Question. Yes, you will make money on this strategy. So, stop wasting your questions, use them to make money online. There are many questions people are asking and no-one is giving them the answer. How do you do this? Simple. Do small research to find out what people are asking and looking for answer, create a simple group page and begin to answer their questions. If you follow our lead down instructions, on how to create the group, finding people and their question, you can use this system to spin $1000 every single month. Read on, to find out how to take advantage of this hot niche. I will even show you top questions to ask that makes you money.
  3. Strategy Three: Make Money By starting and Growing Fast YouTube Channels. No Camera needed. No experience needed. No need to show your face on camera. No need to write any script or article. I will show you step by step fastest secrets to get qualified to make money on YouTube within 30days. You can also tap into our amazing YouTube channel owners’ community that help you grow your channels for free and fast. In fact, imagine as you launch your channel, you have people that get you 5k views within hours of launch. You will get FREE likes, comments and subscription from over 5000 people like you that like to watch YouTube channel. You will see how to get your channel rank fast and many more. Want to see this secret. Read more.
  4. Strategy Four: Save People Time Online By Using This new social media platform and Get Paid. Forget Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. I have already dumb Facebook. Am not in Facebook again. There is a latest social media platform that is solving serious social media problem which is projected to overturn Facebook soon. Watch out for it.  This is the time to position yourself and help many people on this platform to solve their time problem. You will discover how to combine two platforms to start raking in cash on this new easy to use social network by helping many people save time.  Read more to see how.
  5. Strategy Five: Make Money selling simple and Easy to Do T-shirt/merchandise arts/ images. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an artist, or know any graphics design to do this, I will show you where to get your arts/images) You don’t need to own these T-shirts. You don’t need any website. No experience needed. All you need to do is to get best arts designs, when the t-shirts and all other merchandises that your arts/images appeared on get sold, you get paid. If they sale, 1,000,0000 pieces, you get paid for 1,000,000 times. Would you like this kind things you do once and get paid forever? Read more.
  6. Strategy Six: How To Get Digital Marketing jobs without advertising. There is job available, the problem is that you dont know how to get it. I will show you how to source for your digital marketing project

 If you take these steps, I guarantee you will make money like me. I must warn that you may not make same like me or you may not also make any dime. The reason is that our skills and experiences differ. I have spent many hours in learning and doing. The key is doing.

Don’t waste time.  Start 2021 making money online without paying anything. I have prepared these SIX STRATEGIES in a SIX Module Course as an eBook to shorten your research time and effort you will put to figure these things out. No experience required. Even if you are starting online today, you can use these method to make money online.

Introducing Make Money Online Without Paying Anything Blueprint. It is called the The 6 Strategies Blueprint.

how to make money online without paying anything  in Nigeria
The 6 Strategies Blueprint

What You Get In This Course:

  • All the six strategies discussed above in a step by step method. Any Child can use this ebook and make money online, trust me.
  • Free 2GB Data to help you get started (Any network in Nigeria). I use this to thank you for coming here.
  • Free In-depth Course on Facebook marketing Valued $997
  • Free Monthly Live Q/A Session with Me Valued $1200
  • Access to Private VIP group where you meet people like you helping each other.
  • Superior and High Priority Support.
  • And Many more


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