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1 out of 10 people loose money online according to research. Learn How To Mitigate Online Loss, Start And Grow Profitable Online Business And  Investment Without Tears.

What You'll Learn

Learn from great men and women who are successful online business and investment owners. Whether Your passion is  Saas, Paas, Ecommerce, Content Creation, Information products or financial investment, we have you covered. 

Saas Biz

Saas Business Demystified Class

Don't go into this unarmed. Competition and lack of market will take your money away and you lost. Learn everything that put you in command


Next Ecommerce Business Class

Ecommerce is evolving. Follow the trend and cash in this multi-billion dollar industry. What is people searching to buy? How can you build your own next Jumia?


Content Marketing Business Class

Whether you want to own an online news agency or any other content driven business. Learn what is working, put it into action and prosper.


Iaas/Paas Business Simplified Class

This is next generation business model. Start, grow and profit this next-gen business model. We help you to fine-turn your passion to serve in this market.


Funding And Buying Business Class

How do you cash in on great bright investment opportunities our youths are churning out online? Learn to set your rules to grow your online portfolios


Information Product Business Class

Specialized Knowledge is a Billion dollar industry. Learn How To Build Information product business empire. This is your opportunity print your own money online like government.

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Meet Your Mentors

They have taken the responsibility to raising new generation of online wealth builders. Would you be among them?

Mark is a serial investor, business owner who has build and sold his business. His passion is helping new entrepreneur become gaints
Mark Reyes
Smart woman and lawyer, who took her business public will showing you steps of doing same thing has done with her legal profession.
Jamie Fox
Amiable queen, you to meet. She know her onion when it comes to marketing. She will drill and thrill you with her marketing skills.
Kiara Luke
Founder CEO, JL Tech

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Is admission free?

While we try our best to convince  the best and talented  online business builders around the world to share the knowledge here, we make it easily accessible for people who needs it. It is very affordable

How Do I start?

Click on “Get Started” button to submit a simple survey and a member of the team will contact you to onboard you as soon as possible.

where do we take classes?

Everything is completely online. Relax from the comfort of your home, learn, connect, interact and build your world class business

what do I need to start?

Your laptop connected to internet. Possibly  your notes and pens in a relaxed environment. 

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